Around 10 years had passed since my first trip to Venice. What was once upon a time my favourite city break had apparently become unbearably busy with tourists. Undeterred by the internets ramblings I popped in on my way to Ljubljana last month to see for myself.
Turns out they were absolutely right. Masses upon masses of people from all over the world congregating around the main attractions. Overpriced food and drinks, 10'000 people stood on a bridge, selfies, selfies and more selfies...
Wanting a more relaxing and natural Venice, I set about in the opposite direction of the crowds. 20 minutes in and I'm surrounded by peace and tranquility. Two completely different worlds on one very small island. 
There were people, mainly locals dotted around but it made it nice and easy to capture these shots with not single person in sight. A complete contrast to the Venice that most people know and love. Most of these are taken around Cannaregio. Enjoy!         
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